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Líderes en Productos de Control basados en Estándares

Proporcionamos al integrador todos los productos y servicios relacionados con las tecnologías aplicadas a los sistemas de control.

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Manufacturer from Italy since 1990, specialized in products and solutions for access and presence control under LON technology applied to the automation of buildings, hotels and schools.


USA manufacturer since 2010, specialized in the development of BACnet drivers for iLON SmartServer and BACnet interfaces and bridges over IP.


Canadian manufacturer since 1995 specialized in control nodes for HVAC and lighting, both LON and BACnet and the Niagara and Eclypse platforms.


USA manufacturer since 1988, creator of LonWorks and IzoT technology, specialized in network infrastructure products, installation software, protocol analyzer, network adapters and development tools.


Manufacturer from Spain since 1996 specialized in specific nodes for Lighting, LON accesses applied to the automation of homes, buildings and public lighting.


Taiwan manufacturer specialized in energy meters, thermostats and LON routers.


A USA manufacturer since 1979, it specializes in fire and gas detection solutions for the industrial market as well as in “gateways” to provide connectivity between different protocols, both open and proprietary through its subsidiary FieldServer. (BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, ModBus, MBus, Etc.)


Italian manufacturer, specialized in open integration platforms for audio, video, automation, access, security and energy savings.


We are distributors  for integrators  providing the best products on the market

ADITEL provides the professional integrator, from training and certification in technology, to a wide range of products from different manufacturers, through consulting services for carrying out projects as well as auditing of existing networks.


We work with

We are experts in smart building automation products, differentiating our products and services into the following categories:

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We work with products for presence control of access to buildings.


We provide devices or gateways for integrators in fire and gas detection systems.


Lighting control systems, energy management (BMS) and public lighting with the best manufacturers.


We are certified trainers in Spain in Lonworks networks. Check our training calendar.


The latest news from the sector and all the events that may interest you.

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